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WE pistol mag fill valves

Do these also fit TM mags?

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My question is the firing valve on mags? Do the makers ie KWC etc have different types, thread,power output. The reason I ask is getting a replacement for a particular make is a bit of a mine field. No pun intended, but I have been trying to get a valve for my KWC Mauser C96 but all the valves seam to have different thread or porting. Sorry for rambling on I am 64. But I love Airsoft.

Hi John,

Yes, these should fit TM mags as WE clone TM so all should be good.

Hi Keith,

Each manufacturer makes mags and the valve on the C96 will be specific to the C96 and possible some others in the KWC line-up. I'll ask our supplier if he can get any for you.

Sorry for the late reply guys :(


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