My AEG (electric) gun doesn't work!

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AEG is an abbreviation for Automatic Electric Gun.

First, we need to find out why your rifle isn’t firing BB’s. For example, is the rifle making any noise at all? Does it make a screeching or whirring noise?

If the rifle is totally silent, then look at the following:

  • Have you charged your battery? :) Please make sure that you have charged you battery for the required time period. This required charging time for your battery depends on the capacity (stated in mAh) and the charging rate of your charger, which is normal stated in mAh. For more information on how to calculate this, please see How long do I need to charge my battery?

  • Next thing to check is the fuse (if fitted). This will either be a 'blade' type or 'glass' type. Don't just look at the fuse however. Remove it and short across the contacts. Does the rifle fire now? If so, replace the fuse as this is a user-serviceable part and easy replaced. For LiPo battery use, try to use a minimum 25A-30A fuse if possible. These are car fuses and available everywhere.
  • Next, if you have a Tamiya connector on the rifle, make sure the contacts inside the connector on the rifle haven't opened up too wide. The connector looks like two 'crescent moons' with the battery side being two pins. If the connectors have opened too wide, they may no-longer be making good electrical contact. Simply use a small jewellers flat blade screw driver and push them back together.
  • Lastly, if your rifle is an M4 or variant, then a motor wire may have come loose. On the underside of the pistol grip, there are three screw points usually. The ones at the very front and back of the grip hold the base plate on. Carefully remove these and lift off the base plate. Be aware, there may be a small 1cm silver disc called a thrust washer. Don't lose this as it needs to sit on the motor between the motor and base plate.  Now check the wiring is connected and if not, re-attach the wire to the motor before re-fitting the base plate.

If the gun sounds like it is turning over but isn't firing BBs or it's making a screeching / whirring noise, then check the following:

  • Are there BB’s jammed inside the barrel and if so, have you attempted to clear it with a cleaning rod? Please refer to manual or check YouTube for tutorials on how to do this. ‘Airsoft barrel clearing’ and also ‘Airsoft barrel CLEANING’ is very important (Every airsoft weapon order gets an email explaining everything that needs done before use). This is the biggest killer of airsoft rifles we experience.
  • What brand and weight of BB’s were you using when it stopped? You must use high quality, perfectly smooth and round BB’s that are the correct weight specification for the Airsoft gun. Incorrect weight and quality are almost certain to jam and damage your gun.
  • Are you filling the magazine correctly? High cap mags need filled through the lidded hatch -NOT the round B.B. outlet hole. And are you winding the ratchet wheel on the mag base as you fire? You need to rewind the mag every 20-30 rounds to keep it feeding ammo into the gun. If your magazine does not have a ratchet wheel on the bottom, then it is likely to be a mid cap or low cap magazine and needs to be filled through the round B.B. outlet hole until the BB’s stop going in. A speed loader makes this task much easier!

If none of the above make any difference, then you may need to have your rifle looked at. If you purchased it from ourselves and its under warranty or you just want us to repair it for you, then give us a call on 033 33 44 95 55 to arrange this.

In the meantime, please do not fire the rifle as if it is blocked with BB’s as you will quite likely break something in the gearbox. This is usually the piston and the wear pattern on it is so distinctive, we can tell if the rifle has been fired with BBs jamming. If you look at the image provided, you can clearly see the wear pattern and this is not a warranty failure!

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