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How long do I have to wait for a reply to my support ticket?

Apart from an automated response saying someone will look at my ticket I have had nothing. It's been 7 working days since my first ticket and I have had no human contact to even know it's being looked at.

4 people have this problem

I have the same problem.I am waiting a month for an answer to the my problem:a paid by accident twice for an reaction no refund untill now.

Several times i said that i wish to start a RMA procedure:untill now no answer.

Really wish I saw these before I ordered from this company seems like all they have are problems. I ordered a part that I need on Monday and it is now Friday and I have not received a shipping email, tracking number, or anything. And on my account it says I have no ordereds so I don’t know if they just took my money and ran or what. Pretty sick of this place when I can email and company that’s 4 times as busy and get a response the next day
The more I read about other people's problems on here, I'm having second thoughts about continuing with purchasing from airsoftworld, I've also had problems with delivery of a desert eagle pistol, it went missing with the courier.
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