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Please don’t throw these in buildings or at people, I got hit with a 2” chunk of plastic 5mm thick and smashed a shed window when I threw it in the middle of the garden 4 meters apart from me and the shed. I also put on a lot of covering and had no ear protection a let on of in the shed and couldn’t hear for over two hours. I always test pyro on my self before using it in a game, they should only be a discrattionary flash bang only like the mk9’s, I just don’t want people to get hurt and if you only have glasses on and get a chunk in the eye bye bye vision in that eye, take my words as you will you have been warned
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I have spoken to airsoft world and it was my fault in using the flash bang in that way, I hadn’t read the the full description on the item. I just looked over the item description and didn’t read it properly, read the description of them item before buying and you wouldn’t get the things that happened to me won’t happen to you
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