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Airsoft Gun Care

Having been a massive gun fanatic for the last 32 years collecting deacs, blank firers, air rifles/pistols, Co2's and airsoft guns you learn a thing or two having occasionly made the odd boo boo so here's a tip or two to help keep your gun whatever it may be in good working order: 1. Try not to drop your gun as this can damage internal parts and knock the barrel out of alignment plus can damage the sights. 2. When your not using your gun remove the magazine and never keep the mag loaded with pellets as this will cause tension on the springs inside the mag which can eventually lead to magazine problems. 3. When firing your gun remember to squeeze your trigger, try not to snatch at it as this can send your shot off course and put pressure on the trigger housing which in time after many shots and battles will make the trigger loose. 4. Although your airsoft gun no matter what you shoot is a replica and if should be treated as a real firearm looking after it will make it last and save costly pennies having to replace parts when with a little care this can be avoided. Hope this helps, if this is stuff you know already then great, if not feel free to ask any questions about this topic or any other problems you may have with your gun and I will try my best to help.
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Dear,can you show me...what you have for CO2airsoft guns pls...????


Kind regards,

Goossens Hubert

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